Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Wonderful Party

Is going to happen at my house. A Wedding Shower for my daughter. I am really excited. And with that excitement comes- house cleaning. Well, more like a remodel, than just a cleaning. This is the story.
Last year, in July we tore the living room apart to put in new windows and a door. Our plan was to have bookshelves built in, move the entertainment area to the other side of the room, get new carpet, pour a patio slab, re-route the water lines to the back yard, paint and patch the walls, and settle in for xmas. About a week after the windows got in, my mom had a stroke event. And life got really complicated. Eduard's father started slipping very fast toward his end from his emphysema, and his mom's cancer started growing again. Our project screeched to a halt and we have lived in chaos for 15 months.
So it is just not possible to have everything done by the Wedding Shower this Saturday. But it is possible to clean it up a bit. We boxed up some stuff and got the dining room into a semi-permanent configuration. We re-arranged the existing furniture to simulate the completed configuration of the living room. And we threw out lots of stuff. We have been cleaning for a week and it is beginning to look really nice. Just a few more details in the kitchen and we will be presentable.
Part of this re-organization included some new equipment. I bought a new vacuum cleaner. And I think I really like it, so far. I also put the exercise bike back into the bedroom- and have actually used it again. The Bedroom got some re-org clean up as well and is a much more pleasant place to visit. I have a stack of tile in the garage waiting for its moment of installation, but that won't be until after Thanksgiving.
All in all I think we have been working our butts off. But it is a really nice result for all the work.
Now fast forward, because my computer crashed, I ran out of time, and the party is over. I am just now getting a chance to finish this blog entry. Can you believe it? It is time to clean the house again. Damn! And the list of stuff for the wedding is on the top of the plate of priorities. Well, life is busy, and happy. It was a good party. The house was beautiful and clean. We had enough chairs. Eduard was granted sainthood by my ex-mother-in-law, in front of her son (my ex). My daughter and son-in-law(en potentia) have been properly celebrated. It doesn't get any better than that. So I will clean up and stop complaining.

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