Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Not fast enough

Sometimes, you have to act fast, on impulse; she who hesitates is lost. But, for us chronic procrastinators things sometimes work well, too.
I didn't kill the Pettingill Apple tree. There was one small apple left on it and I waited until Max was here. We picked it together and sampled it cautiously. This was November 10th-ish. And to my great surprise, this apple had sweetness. This means that the apple blooms in May and takes 6 months to mature. It is now losing leaves, 15 days later.
I have decided to let it have one more year and I will sample the apples in November. It still doesn't have the texture I would like, but it isn't a complete failure. I would not recommend this apple type to anyone because of its long maturation period and the fact that there are so many better choices now. But I may not cut it down. It is an heirloom after all. Or so I am told.
But there are other things one usually does on impulse, too much thought causes emotional problems. So, we had a couple of new chickens- bantams. One turned out to be a rooster, a white silky roo. He was beautiful with black skin, burgundy chops and comb, blue ears and a blackpearl beak. Silkies can't fly (wings too small). I found myself kind of liking him, even though I had sworn "no roosters". So he started crowing at almost 6mo old and at first it was only occasionally. Then he started attacking the other chickens and asserting himself and crowing all the time.
Well, rather impulsively, I decided (with help from my sweet husband) that the Roo had to go.
This was the first chicken we slaughtered- ever- and we did it well, according to the book. I took the meat that I wanted and froze it, but I am not sure I can eat him yet. Too much though causes emotional problems.
And that (with all the other chaos of family, friends, and work) was November. Now I am going to settle down to some fine cooking and house cleaning. There are some squashes calling my name and a few pies on the list. I don't want to hesitate. Growling tummies are pacing at the feed door.
Enjoy a great meal, be cozy with loving family, and show thanks by driving safely and being gracious for a whole day. It is good for you.