Monday, June 4, 2012

Hole in my Head

This morning my incredibly funny husband remarked that he had a house sized hole in his head. This is because we finally sold, and closed on, his parent's estate house. We couldn't be happier about this.
In January, when the burden fell to us to handle the estate, it seemed like the most dangerous mountain climb in the world. Title issues, attorneys, financial planners and stock brokers, combined with mountains of personal detritus and dubious garage equipment made every step a wild adventure. And pretty costly, too. Years of abuse and neglect of the house caused numerous repairs to present themselves. Termites were just a little issue. And in the sorting/tossing phase a mountain of memorabilia slid into our garage.
All the regular daily activities continue during this process and some irregular activities as well. But this morning, when E woke up, 5 days after the close of escrow, he began to feel an empty spot where the burden of the home had rested for the last 6 months. Compressed and bruised, his brain is slowly springing back to its normal configuration. The hole will fill in soon with all the stuff of life. Nature abhors a vacuum. But for the moment, just the release of pressure, the size of a house, has caused a giddy feeling.
Unfortunately, a dent in his brain will always be there just a little. Events like this just leave a permanent mark on you. But the bulk of his brain will bounce back and recover. I am looking forward to that bounce.