Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Little Heartbeats

My summers seem to be really full of activities and work. We just finished spending 2 weeks helping the City of Encinitas and the performers of my favorite concert festival- Ipalpiti (heartbeats).
It started with some small issues on the Ipalpiti web site where there was a disconnect with the Encinitas Arts web site. After some poking and prodding, we were able to buy tickets to all the events. Then a call went out to help get the musicians from the airports to the Encinitas location. One was coming into LAX (Los Angeles) and the rest into SAN (San Diego) on the same day. I drove to LAX and back while Eduard drove to SAN twice in one day. But it does not stop there. After getting to LAX, my musician's luggage was vacationing in London. It had been wandering around for 4 days and finally decided to head to LAX. Except the musician was headed to SAN Diego by car with me. After much confusion, the airline agreed to forward the luggage to SAN. We drove for 3 1/2 hours in slow traffic and got to Encinitas safely. I then went with Eduard to the SAN airport to get the last musician at 11pm. Her luggage was with her so there was no drama. At 1 am we rolled into bed. It was a very long day.
Then the call went out, that six more musicians needed rides from SAN in the following week. I was again on duty. There were some problems with overlapping flights and one of the musicians had a different driver.
We did have some lovely concerts before the next driving assignment so I was busy being lulled and wooed by violins and cellos. Eduard was making home roasted coffee in the mornings and spoiling our little heartbeats. And finally, the lost luggage from LAX showed up in SAN.
My various SAN runs  kept me very busy and I was meeting some lovely people. We had made plans to host 2 musicians to Greek dinner and another hostess joined up with us for a lively, chatty and tasty evening. Then more wonderful music. My last airport run was on a Thursday in the late afternoon. Bad traffic down and back, but he was at the hotel by 8:30pm.
We had a fabulous dinner with 5 wonderful musicians and some Mariachis on Friday night. There was a grand concert on Saturday. And they all left for Los Angeles on Sunday. Mixed in with the music was a sick musician and a run to the Doctor. There was the OTHER LOST LUGGAGE from Luthansa Airline which finally showed up 6 days out and after a 4 hour shopping trip with the girls. Poor Eduard. He got to hold the clothes while I went to the airport in rush hour.
When it was over all the luggage was accounted for, the ear was feeling better, the heat was sticky and the last concert got rained into the gymnasium. Dinners were fun, people were happy, and E and I were really tired.
I am packing now. I have a trip to Alaska in a short time. The fun never stops in the summer.