Thursday, April 3, 2008

Time to plant, time to sew

Well, I have been planting peas and lettuces and carrots and all that spring stuff. I have been chasing gophers and chickens and all the wild stuff. I have been making fences, gates and repairing sprinkler things. And today, I wanted to clean house (did I really say that?). But instead I redid some tax stuff for my son and washed the patio. There is so much to do I am in a spin. I am not even sure I can make a list. You see, Friday starts the RenFair madness. People are staying here during the week, I am spending all weekend in the booth, and there is so much still to do. I feel over whelmed. Prioritize keeps hitting me in the head and bouncing off. I am having difficulty seeing which things are "first things first".
So I am going to start with me- I need a Dr. Appt for next week. My annual thing. And then Eduard- socks and granola and enough food in the fridge that he can get by without my cooking. Tax extension for us.
Then chickens- gotta get the gate up and the bird cloth over the top of their yard.
Then garden. Always the garden seems to get left behind now and even the house is behind that.
My garden hopes have been to plant the potted pomegranate, move some soil away from the window and into a box, weed and mow, and fertilize. It will be next week I hope.
I am not sure what has happened to my days. They are going so quickly and so little gets done, yet I feel so tired and busy. Something should have gotten done but I am too tired to even look back at what. SIGH. I want more days, more energy, more time ( or maybe just less to do). I am thinking of a gardener to help get this stuff under control.