Monday, March 28, 2011

End of Things

It is time to post about things that are winding to an end. Some of this has been a long time coming. I will start with the major house (inside) remodeling. We started working on this house the day we bought it. From roof to floors, walls and windows, we have been slowly making it worthy of the next 25 years. Well, after 10 years, we are finally getting the last of the windows done.
We bought the house in 2001 and did the absolute necessities right away- roof, carpet, paint. We did the kitchen window and sliding door, then the dining room window in 2003/04 along with a total kitchen remodel and tile flooring. Most of that work has held up well and still looks great, although the carpet is showing wear. But the roof is good and sound. The kitchen is a dream. And the windows are terrific.
Next we started the living room- 2008. It took a long time to financially recover from the kitchen. In there were cars and other projects that got to the front of the line, but 2008 started the living room. It also was the summer that my mom got sick enough to need lots of attention for awhile. We managed to get the windows done and the fireplace, but the rest of the room got stuck in time. We finished it in 2010.
2011 is the year of the windows and patio. We are doing the guest room window and the remaining bedroom windows in a couple of weeks. That will be the end of the major indoor remodel stuff. Kind of hard to believe. I will actually get the rooms set up and organized and have nothing to do be clean them afterward. The thought is rather shocking. We will have window coverings, and functioning windows. We will have fully painted and clean walls, cleaned rugs, no more tile work.
Wait, what's this I see?... left over wall paper in the bathroom... broken cabinet in the other bathroom... skylight decay.... garage door falling apart.... wait! I thought I was getting to the end of the list. I thought I was going to be done and have some princess time. Will this mess never end?
I am going to go take a nap.

Friday, March 4, 2011

What to do? Rav is down.

I know that many of you have your favorite sites to chat or check things. News, sports, entertainment, hobbies. I spin yarn and knit/crochet, so I am a part of My favorite gathering place for spinny/crafty stuff and I visit daily. I contribute often. So today, it is broken and suddenly I feel a bit lost.
I check the different forums once or twice a day. Sometimes I get caught up in a thread and play for a longer period of time. I was going to have work done on the house today and would be staying home to do things. I just knew I would have some time to play on Except, today, it seems to be broken. I can sometimes get to the log on page and sometimes log on, but I can't go anywhere else. Boohoohoo.
Stuck at home with no one to play with. Well, I could spin or knit or work on cleaning up the kitchen or weed in the garden, fertilize fruit trees, saw up old wood, train vines, plant vegetables, mow the lawn... I mean, it is a long list of work I should be doing. And it is not awful work. Still, for some reason, I feel like I am missing my buddies and friends and favorite chatty circles.
I know that Rav will get better and be working by tonight. They always manage to fix whatever server is on the fritz. But that de-railed feeling, like all is not well in the world, has broken my concentration.
So I resolve to work in the garden to take my mind off of That way, I can feel productive, get vitamine D, and wait patiently until they return. Sniff.