Friday, March 4, 2011

What to do? Rav is down.

I know that many of you have your favorite sites to chat or check things. News, sports, entertainment, hobbies. I spin yarn and knit/crochet, so I am a part of My favorite gathering place for spinny/crafty stuff and I visit daily. I contribute often. So today, it is broken and suddenly I feel a bit lost.
I check the different forums once or twice a day. Sometimes I get caught up in a thread and play for a longer period of time. I was going to have work done on the house today and would be staying home to do things. I just knew I would have some time to play on Except, today, it seems to be broken. I can sometimes get to the log on page and sometimes log on, but I can't go anywhere else. Boohoohoo.
Stuck at home with no one to play with. Well, I could spin or knit or work on cleaning up the kitchen or weed in the garden, fertilize fruit trees, saw up old wood, train vines, plant vegetables, mow the lawn... I mean, it is a long list of work I should be doing. And it is not awful work. Still, for some reason, I feel like I am missing my buddies and friends and favorite chatty circles.
I know that Rav will get better and be working by tonight. They always manage to fix whatever server is on the fritz. But that de-railed feeling, like all is not well in the world, has broken my concentration.
So I resolve to work in the garden to take my mind off of That way, I can feel productive, get vitamine D, and wait patiently until they return. Sniff.

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