Monday, December 6, 2010

Doors, beds, floors, walls

"Well, well, well," she said to herself as she admired the finished work.
That is really a lie, because nothing is ever really finished. This weekend we "finished" the living room, for now. The doors finally got installed on the cabinets and to my distress, the design I thought would just work fine needs a bit of fine tuning. So I ordered two more doors to "finish" it better and now must go get two more handles. This work will be done in January or February 2011.
Then, Eduard finished and assembled the cabinet/secretary that he has been refinishing for a year+. It is in place, but we haven't moved most of the office stuff into it. It will be a working secretary and move the bills file, office tools, and little stuff out of Eduard's desk. This is a good plan because his desk will someday be in his separate office in the pink room. But not yet. So there is no hurry to get the stuff organized into the secretary.
After the secretary project got out of the garage, I immediately claimed the space for the bed that is leaving the Wooly Room. In fact, I started working on it today. I had to find some Ashford information anyway, so I started moving out the boxes. Now the lovely living room is completely full of boxes and looms. I moved the mattress from the bed to the other bed (stacked) so that my princess can sleep on two mattresses this winter break. And the rest will go out tonight into that little space in the garage.
Stuff is shifting. The long table will be in the Wooly Room, with two cabinets and a shorter table. And, of course, all the boxes and looms will go back in. Someday, the rest of the bed will go into the guest room. I am aiming for spring- but my aim hasn't been real good lately.
We started this phase of the living room remodel in March 2010 and I expected it to take a couple of months. December 2010 and we are almost done. So maybe the guest room will take a bit longer. It involves a window redo, carpet cleaning, paint, and closet build ins. I have the furniture already. So maybe it will only take 4 months. I really should start working on it now if I want to get done by summer.
There is only so much of me, and I have so much to do, so it will get done when it gets done. In the meantime, I ordered a cabinet for the dining room. It will be built to match the living room bookcase and will replace two of the cabinets that are in the room now. I will have room for my canning jars, knick-knacks, big tools, and linens. It means taking everything out of the china hutch again so that I can move it out of the way while the work is done. Maybe that job will be done by spring. Regardless, it is going to be a long and busy winter.