Monday, October 31, 2011

October Finale

I have too many projects. We know this. The Eduard and I we, the world who know me we, and the world who don't know me we- We all know I have too many projects. I can't find time to blog about all of them. I can barely find time to do some of them.
This month, I was (and still am) raising silk worms, had a booth at the fiber festival, organized the spin group at the same festival, went to the Palomar Apple festival and did spin demonstrations there, made goat's milk cheese, cleaned up the mess from the festival, made new friends, found old friends, continued helping Eduard and his mom, spent time as a volunteer at UCSD and did laundry. I took a cooking class- first in 30 years. I feel it was a really full month and now it is over. Today is the last day. Halloween and I have no candy.
I do have silk worm cocoons, a silk project to write about, items coming from ASHFORD for my clients, a pile of clean laundry, and most of my kitchen back.
The silk worms are almost done now. I am down to one active box of worms who are not yet spinning cocoons but are close. I have enough leaves to finish the silk worms (I hope, because they pruned the tree). And I am ready to move to the next project- cheese, bread, and Thanksgiving.
I also ordered a new wheel- an electric wheel- just in time for the Power Co. to give us notice of an all day shut down. Well, I can still use the other ones. But I have been really busy with all these different tasks and projects. Now for Thanksgiving, I am trying some new and exciting food ideas. I got these ideas from my cooking class and added some of my own ideas, plus some new equipment. And Presto!- I need to make a list of ingredients and try the ideas before I make other people eat them. One of the items involves a duck- part of a duck anyway. Another item is orange colored. One has marshmallows but is not new. I am very excited to be making these treats and treasures for my family. I haven't been particularly excited about cooking for a long time and this class has gotten me excited again. Enough to take another class- in November, with Eduard. This is a class in Newport on making coffee drinks- barrista style. Macchiatto, frappachino, and that kind of stuff. We don't have an espresso machine. We use the coffee pot for our stuff. But it is possible to make these drinks with regular coffee. I know this and hope that the class addresses this issue.
But now I have to go grate some lemon zest. It is time to make dinner.