Monday, September 28, 2009

Those pesky little details

I decided early on that I would not be in charge of any of the large details of my daughter's wedding. Actually she decided that for herself, but I didn't argue with her. She got the site, arranged the accomodations, found an officiant, tasted cakes, secured a chef and menu, bought a dress, designed the rings, ordered the invitations, made a guest list, tried on shoes, contracted a photographer, and has been tracking all this stuff for a year.
I have agreed, nay, more like insisted, that I take care of small details- like wedding music. Very small details, like hemming a bride's maid's dress. And some minute details- like baking 300 cookies. There are lots of these details, which is good because I like to make lists. So this is the list of known details-
Public Address system so that we can hear the officiant and wedding couple.
Decorative boxes (decorated by me) for the 300 cookies- to go at each place setting (Appx. 90)
Stereo system with speakers for the wedding hall.
Ipod loaded with selected music for the night.
Binding rope for the wedding ceremony. (Research materials and shop for such)- sew for 4 hours.
Altar and altar cloth.
Containers to take home left overs, ice chest and ice.
Continental Breakfast for 40 on the Saturday morning of the wedding.
Hemmed aforesaid dress.
Research wedding music- find musicians and contract said performers.
Custom ordered, hand crafted wedding book for my sweeties (I love it!)
Host wedding shower. (and clean my house twice, before and after)
Hand made special gift for the bride- still in progress.
Mail invitations with instructions (by Google Earth) on getting to the site.
Data base and spread sheet with RSVP information and label program for Said invitations.
Regular attendance update to the Bride and Groom for their records.
Clean up guest room for my son, so that he can stay and play with me.

As we wind through the last weeks before the wedding, many of these details have been completed and are starting to get "boxed" for the final trip to the wedding site. Each box has a label for its contents. But many things need to wait until the last minute- the last minute details, like buying food and ice.

Yet, in all this planning and shopping, fussing and making, gluing and sewing, spinning and knitting, tasting and listening- in all of this, no one has said anything about who will get the marriage license.
I hope someone remembers. That is not one of my details on my list.


Kyrwyn said...

We have that detail well in hand, too! I already filled out the form. We just have to print it and take it to our appointment... which is the week before the wedding, because it's the only weekdays I know I'll have free between now and getting hitched.

Sheesh. That's totally on my list. ;)

Bairbre Aine said...

I had been wondering how you were 'fluffysgarden' ;)
A blessed wish for both you and your daughter, from me.
Bairbre Aine