Monday, September 14, 2009

Windows Corruption

Lately, my old Mac hand-me-down has become very temperamental. I have a new Mac laptop to replace the old baby, but I haven't had time to clean off my desk and transfer files, and dock, and learn new stuff. And it has been busy being a "portable" unit for most of the summer.
So today, I couldn't log on to blog because the memory was corrupted. Had to turn it off and back on. It had been on for about 1/2 hour and done mostly nothing. On any given day, I have to do this little procedure 5 or 6 times. Applications crash, spinning pizza of death, frozen keyboard, won't wake up from nap, can't find mouse, ... lots of annoyance.
As I was waiting for it to re-boot, I realized that the old Mac sits right next to my old PC/Windows unit. There may even be a latent network connection between the two, even though the PC has been off for two years. I am beginning to think the PC is trying to enter the brain of my Mac and channel Windows issues though it. It is leaking little commando electrons though the cabling and slowly infiltrating my OS, bit by byte. The parallels are just too suspicious.
Naw. I am just getting paranoid. But I must say that it makes me nervous to think about the possibilities. An entire world, taken over by WindowsOS.
But now I think I need to go back up my disk, just in case I have another Windows moment.


Bairbre Aine said...

I am 'almost' embarrassed to admit, I have a PC and enjoy the Windows applications. Only, it takes a great deal more to embarrass me than that :)
However, I am envious that you have a MAC, hand-me-down and new.

Sorry to have missed you yesterday @ farmers market...had a full day of "family" objectives and Ren Faire, mandatory guild meeting.

Hope your day was a pleasant one. Don't you just LOVE the weather shift? Cooler days, soon to be fall.
~Bairbre Aine

Anonymous said...

Scary, since my old Mac is the exact same model as yours, and yesterday it went into kernel panic when i booted it up. Now I'm paranoid, wondering if they all are going the same month. Ew. I'm saving for a new Mac and hopefully i'll be able to get it before the QS decides to stop working. I can't even blame it on a PC, since I've never owned one. Congrats on the new laptop! :-)