Thursday, December 11, 2008

fluffy obsession

I have fluffy obsession. All things fluffy. Feathers, fur, light thoughts, whipped egg white, soft bread, dust bunnies. The first year of spinning I didn't do this. I had one fleece and a drop spindle. Then there was the roving from Julie and a bit of Wensleydale and a gift of Alpaca. I didn't really spin much unless I had something I wanted to make with the yarn.
Then there came a Fleece opportunity- Shetland for $5 each fleece. Well, who could pass that up. And Ebay had Alpaca for $5 a fleece and no one else bid. I received a gift of Mohair fleece. Suddenly I had a world of fleece in my garage.
I thought I had enough, but I really wanted to have just a bit more- a Merino, so soft. So I went to Black Sheep Gathering 2008. And bought more Wensleydale, ALpaca, and 2 Merino. I couldn't wait to get them ready for spinning. I didn't even have a plan for what they would become. I just assumed they would be socks, eventually.
But fluffy thoughts took over. I was washing and spinning Shetland and the end of the fleece was nowhere in sight. The fleece goes on forever. And then some dying happened- that's color by the way. And more spinning. More washing, and carding. Then the carding machine, and a portable wheel, and a loom..... !!! All this fluffy-ness is starting to get heavy. I have an entire room devoted to fluffy-ness and I have no place in it to work. I use the dining room for that, or the living room. My fluffy-ness is spreading like St. Augustine grass- creeping into every crack and crevasse. Every room has little fluffy fuzz bunnies on the floor. They stick to my clothes like weed seeds and follow me around. They are in my hair, and food, and rough spots on my hands.
But I have finished processing (wash, pick, card) One whole Alpaca fleece, one whole Merino fleece, and one whole Shetland. I have a wall of yarn, a bed full of yarn, and lots of bags full of carded fluff. I have knitted all the projects for the Holidays- and still I have yarn and fleece.
The obsession part (oh I know you think we already covered that when I bought all that fleece to start with). Well, the obsession part is that now that I have completed processing three fleeces- not spinning mind you- I am thinking about the next fleece. What color or type of wool? How many? When is Black Sheep again? How much can my room really hold? Can my vacuum cleaner withstand all the work? Argggh. Why can't I be happy with the mass I have. Certainly it is fluffy enough.
So I will wear my award winning socks and think on this (while I spin). I truly have enough fleece to last at least 4 years. I can spin, weave, knit, crochet until Sara graduates from College. If I can just keep the fluffy thoughts confined to my one room, I will be ok. Until June.


Lauren said...

lol... if I ever get around to learning how to knit (or remembering and practicing, I did learn how at one point) or crochet, I'd be happy to take some off your hands. :D

Not that I think that was your point... but anyway. It's been a long time, though I've been lurking for awhile, checking up on you every now and again from K's page. How are you, mommy? :D

fluffystuff said...

Hi Lauren, I am doing fine. I have fallen into the fluffy hole and can't get out. It is so much fun, but when I am done... well what a joke, I am never done. There is always more wool out there.. and yarn, and socks. I will have to live a few more lifetimes. If you want some Hand processed, hand spun yarn, just let me have your address (through Stef) and I will mail you enough for a pair of socks. (4oz). Then when you are out here visiting, I will teach you to spin. Then you are on your own to find a way to continue your new found addiction. The mommy.

Lauren said...

Ooh, really? That'd be awesome. I'm actually going to be in town for two weeks, flying in tomorrow, but won't really have transportation. Also, I imagine the holidays will be busy for you...

But yes, I would love some yarn. And some spinning lessons. (Though I'm not sure where I'd put a spindle in my apartment...)