Friday, January 9, 2009

Things you have to do,

But you don't want to do them.
I know we all put off things that are unpleasant. We make excuses for why they can wait. We make our lives too full to make room for them. We forget them, heehee, well not really, but we pretend we did.
So I had promised my DR. that I would have this procedure two years ago and I have been putting it off for that long. When I promised him again in September, I actually scheduled it for January so that it was far away and the calendar was clear.
Wouldn't ya know, the calendar got full, but the procedure was embedded with priority. Every other relative scheduled something for around that time, too, but mine got scheduled first- priority. I staunchly held my ground even though 25 things could have bumped that procedure. My DR. will never know how difficult it was for me to get there and get it done. If he had a clue, he would be so proud of me. But he will just look at the results and check it off as another thing on the list done.
What I am trying to learn is : The real priority is my health and longevity, not someone else's. Enlightened self interest, selfishness, or just plain reality. If I don't take care of myself, no one else will.
Colonoscopy. Probably the most distressing of all the procedures I can think of. But Colon cancer is a killer and is gaining ground on our generation quickly. If a person has a colonoscopy early enough, the pre-cancerous polyps can be removed and the cancer is stopped. I believed my Dr., really I did. And I wanted to take care of this, but it is a very distressing thought.
There were only two polyps and they were removed and sent to be analysed. I am colon cancer free for at least 10 years. Now it is time to stop thinking about my butt and get back to work.

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Lauren said...

Good for you! And now you've gotten it over with, yay! They do suck, greatly, though imo the prep is the worst part.