Friday, December 5, 2008

December Babies

A Baby was born on December 2, 2008. He is related to me, distantly, but still has a large impact on my family. My parents are now Great Grand Parents. In my world that is a rare thing.
Many of the children I know, don't know their grand parents. Great grandparents had been long dead before the children came. Grandparents died while the kids were young. This is because many of my friends chose not to have children until they were in their late 30's. And so had their parents. So a grandparent started at age 60something or later.
My husband's sister waited until she was 40ish. Now her parents are quite ill and the children will never really know them or much about them. Great Grand parents you say, "Ha, it doesn't happen now."
But somewhere down the line, a glitch, a misfire, a bit of genetic throwback- and, Lahren had a baby when she was 20 and my parents outlived the survival curve.
Good news, though. I can pretend it didn't happen and my younger brother is a grandpa. Serves him right. My exhusb is a grandpa, too. Ha. And I am in no hurry to babysit.
So you, my children, don't hurry. I have a few years until I am 60ish. I can wait. I have no need to become a Great Grandparent somewhere down the line.

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Kyrwyn said...

We are so holding you to that. ~_^ At least from this house. You get a wonderful son-in-law, and time to get to know him, before you become a Grandma.