Sunday, July 28, 2013

Business as Usual

My home business is small. I file my sales tax one time per year because volume is low but consistent. And for some reason, every year it seems like the world is happening at my house just when I need to do this filing. Even with the swirl of activity, I manage to get this to the top of the list and get it done on time.
This year I did it on time as well, but much later in the month. The dread of missing the deadline or forgetting to do it nags me until it is done. I keep looking at the calendar and wondering when I will have time to sit with the receipts and sort. So I bite of pieces- first gather the receipts into one area. Then find last year's information as a reference. Then finally add up the receipts, write a calculation sheet and commit to the website.
Really, it doesn't take a long time, but it does take some organization. That seems to be the issue. Too many demands on my time and my organization goes down the drain. The first thing to fail seems to be the woolyroom which is always on the edge of calamity.
This year, as well as last year, my son came to visit from China and is staying in the guest room (which is also known as the overflow of the woolyroom). This means the over flow had to go back to the woolyroom. Oye! the woolyroom is where I do my paper work and sales tax stuff. So the documents got covered with overflow.
As the deadline approached, what little organization I once had started to wobble, and I found the box of receipts just in time. I stuffed them under the desk. Each day, the dread grew but the work didn't get any closer to getting done. Finally, in a state of panic, I forced myself to do the sales tax report and file the taxes, write the check and get it into the mail. 3 Days before disaster.
I sometimes think about people I know who say they are bored and don't have anything to do.  I can't imagine how that happens. Life is way too exciting and full to ever get bored.

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