Friday, March 6, 2009

Letting It Go

Ok, I said it out loud. Now I have to follow through. I am letting somethings go. Oh, you don't know how difficult this is. A couple of weeks past, my sweetie and I moved a piano, a giant potted plant, and a bunch of bedroom furniture (daybed, trundle, bedding, etc). In return, I collected my full bed frame and Stef's full bed and linens. It didn't end there though. All the mass of stuff in the guest/wool room had to come out and all the stuff on the piano had to be moved around. And then all the spaces needed to be cleaned. And all the stuff needed to be reorganized. Yes, that word organized is buried in there and cleaning.
So this is where things stand. That very night I got the corner for the bed cleaned and the bed frame oiled and set up, the bed installed on it, and the bed made. I put away bedding and threw all the wooly stuff on the bed. Day two- I died from the pain of moving furniture- repeat for several days.
After about a week, I started working on the dining room chaos. I cleaned and moved 1 cabinet. I took all cooking related items from the guest room closet and moved them to the dining room (consolidation). I threw away a bag full of stuff. And then she rested, again.
After about a week, I started on the wooly room again. I have sorted and arranged. I have calculated and designed. And what I have is a bed full of bags of wool that need to be carded and spun. I have several projects in stages of completion. And I have stuff that is on the edge- not in a good way. So a great bag of stuff went to Amvets last week. And today, I am making a very hard decision. One of my very first fleeces, Big Mama, the dirtiest sheep in the world, has already been skirted, washed, and 1/2 thrown away. I kept 2 pounds to continue picking and carding. But I have lots of lovely Merino I would rather spin. Some is already roving. Big Mama keeps moving down the list, never getting closer to the top, never getting done. I think I would rather shear a new sheep than work on that stuff.
So I have decided to let her go. And I promise I will never do another sheep like that again.
Getting rid of fleece, fuzzy, soft, comforting fleece, the most lovely addiction in the world, that is so comforting and sensual, uh, where was I? Oh, yes! getting rid of fleece, that I have spent so much time on, skirting and washing, sorting and fretting over, touching lovingly, stroking, uh, fleece, uh. Well, you can see that it is very difficult to let it go.
If I post it on Ravelry, someone will want me to mail it to them and I would have to box it, and handle it and fondle it, and it just wouldn't happen. So I am going to stuff it in a plastic bag and send it to the dumpster. And then I will be one bag lighter, but a world of work will be gone.
It is not a complete loss, because a couple of pounds of Big Mama has been used and spun. But there is a part of me that abhors tossing fleece. Even free fleece. So if I am a bit moody for a couple of days, bear with me. It is a hard thing to do.

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