Sunday, June 1, 2008

Why isn't there more time?

This is not a real question. It is one of those ones you throw out when you are frustrated or just can't think of what to say. I have been spending lots of time on Ravelry, in forums, and searching for patterns, and learning new things, and meeting people, and selling fleeces, and PMing, and playing silly word games, and planning my trip to BSG (Black Sheep Gathering). I have also been washing fleeces, spinning wool, knitting socks, cleaning the guest room, buying a new car, working on taxes, doing spinning demonstrations, getting ready to work the election, helping friends, running errands, fielding relatives, and generally splitting my time into small fragments trying to get everything done. The list grows daily instead of getting smaller.
Electrical work on Monday, start Scott's car, pick up rental car, lunch with Eduard, haircut, gas, money, RX pickup, and laundry, collapse at 8pm. 5am up and out for election- until midnight. Wednesday, DMV paperwork with Julie, drop off rental car, 99 ranch, boxes from Stef, and collapse - maybe knit/maybe spin, work on guest room.
E and I have been creating a display place in the guest room so I can hang my skeins of yarn and start getting some control over my stash of fleece and yarns. I can spin much more than I can knit, and I can wash much more than I can spin, and I can buy much more than I can.... well, let's not go that far, but we can say that I have to live another 50 years so that I can finish spinning all my wool. So something this simple takes quite a lot of time. Buying stuff, cutting , sanding, drilling, painting, and mounting
on the wall. Then cleaning off the stuff on the bed in bags and finding all the skeins and hanging them. Each handing hook represents about 2 pairs of socks. After all that work, it is good to show off some of it.
I am about 1/2 way done cleaning up the room. There will be a place of Scott to stay when he comes on June 14th. I am also trying to get my stuff together for BSG as I leave on June 18th. When I get back, I get a bit more time with Scott, then I get to tear the Living Room apart for the new windows (which is why there is electrical on Monday). No matter how hard I try to get organized and clean things, I am really just moving it from one place to another until the construction is over. I expect a mess until after the winter holidays. But in the meantime, my wool will be happy, I will be making socks and presents.
I want to take this moment to thank my loving husband for all the help he has been giving me lately. He has been weeding, building things, and cleaning stuff. He has been lifting and sorting and chasing chickens. He has built this wonderful rack for me and been very patient with my fiber addiction. He is a darling sweetheart and I love him very much.

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