Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So Much to be Happy About

Life is good. The Guest room is clean and my guest, Son, is arriving on this Saturday from China. I am very excited and happy.
I leave on the 18th for Oregon, and I am almost packed. Camping items- check, clothing items- check, food items- check, spinning items- check, money- write a check? Well, there will be some cash and visa along the way as well. But I am gathering my great pile in the living room and will be starting to pack the Van on Friday. If life got any busier or more exciting I would have to stay in bed and hide.
Everyday, I check the BSG forum on Ravelry for more info about Oregon, foods, restaurants, weather, friends meet ups, fiber processors. I have toys to share, a book for samples, a camera (digital) and one with film. I have my tools, my toys, and my stuff almost organized.
So why so much excitement? This is my thing. Gardens, wool, cooking. Well, knitting, crocheting and sewing, too. And maybe chickens, and remodeling the house. Uh, did I mention refinishing some furniture? And the lathe of course. Um, I think I have too many projects. I should scale back a bit. Like, maybe I won't clean house any more...
Ok, I will just spin less often and leave the chickens alone.
When I get back for BSG, I will have pictures to post.

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