Tuesday, November 13, 2007

That Time of Year

Yes, it is. That time of year when I have to put all my jars and dried foods into the pantry so I can use the table top for Thanksgiving. You may think this is an easy task, but I need to get organized first. Everything is dated so the oldest stuff gets moved to the front and the new stuff is at the back. That means taking every thing out and repacking. While it is out, I might as well clean the shelves. Hey, there is some really old stuff in here! I might actually have to throw some stuff out! Or cook it up really fast into something special.
Well, it will take me several days to get it all done. I just made a batch of Granola- enough to last through the Holidays. And I have started inventory for the great Feast. I have started gathering specialty items for decoration and, most importantly, I have a menu plan.
I hear you saying it. "Turkey and what?" No Turkey here. We have duck every year. After years of throwing away nearly whole turkeys, I poled the troops and discovered that no one liked Turkey. So the alternate white meat- duck- gets the center stage at our house.
But the other dishes are still a big hit. Pumpkin pie, sausage and apple stuffing, sweet potatoes, home made bread, and candied cranberries are always on the table. We often try a new vegetable each year. This time, I am going to let someone else come up with a special treat. It is best to off load the side dishes so that guests feel they contribute, so we will have to see what shows up. Mystery dinner.
But I know my part and am prepared to prepare a Feast from nuts to pie. That is, of course, if we can find the table.

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