Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Where I left off

I was going through my lists of stuff we needed to do and what we had done. Then, for some reason, I got sidetracked and didn't write again. So here is the next bunch of stuff:
We finally got driver's licenses, car registrations, car insurance, and hair cuts. I have a doctor now and have had an eye exam. We celebrated Thanksgiving and ate one of the ducks. I have decorated for Christmas, mostly and baked cookies.
But the most wonderful thing for me right now is that my sewing, weaving, spinning studio is up and running. There are still boxes in the other room that need unpacking. There are bags of fluff on the floor in a pile. But I have been able to complete one table runner and two blankets, with a third blanket about to go on the frame. I have spun the cotton crop for  2018 and am spinning some wool roving I have had for three years. Slowly, I am working the piles down and getting through the projects I had planned.
We had the dead tree cut down along with some other near dead trees and have a giant pile of wood in the yard that needs to get split into fireplace size pieces. I have been very busy and the list is getting shorter, but I am no where near the end.
So, now that we are settled in, we are planning a trip down to San Diego. Just can't seem to stay away. I am having a party for my mother's 92nd birthday, visiting my son and daughter in law, and spending time with some friends. It is a long drive and we will take pictures along the way.
I have worked really hard to get to this place. It seems kind of weird to go back and visit as a tourist, but I still have many people I love and adore there. It is worth the time and effort to go for a visit once or twice a year.
And it will give me a break from all the work here.
Still no winter weather- 50f today and a slight drizzle in the evening. Maybe the weather will get cold in January.

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