Monday, November 14, 2016

Post Election Math

As the Voters of our country once again rediscover the Electoral College system in our Presidential election process, we find there is a great disparity between how much Your vote counts toward getting your candidate into office.
Let us look at some historical information. The Electoral College system came to be because the STATES didn't want one state where there were lots of people to dominate over the smaller states. As STATES they wanted to also have some input into the end of the election process. This means that every state gets a certain number of Electoral College votes regardless of the number of people in the state or the number of people who voted in that State. There are only so many Electoral College Votes and some states get many more than other states based on population. This does not mean that each vote is counted equally toward an Electoral College vote.
States Rights. There are 50 states as of this writing.
The largest state in the Union- people wise- is California with 55 electoral college votes. But the number of people voting way exceeds that of any other state. California had about 9 million voters. The next largest state- electoral college wise is Texas (38). Texas had about 8.5 million voters, but many fewer electoral college votes. New York and Florida are tied for third (29 ea). Florida had about 8.5million voters and even fewer electoral votes than Texas, and New York had only about 7 million voters with the same electoral votes as Florida. This, on its face, seems really unfair. Yet, historically, when one giant population center dominates over the lesser populated areas, there is great social disparity and civil unrest. Refer to your history of China and the Soviet Union, and you will see that the large industrial areas can inflict great damage on the people of the farm lands when they control all of the political structure.
The Electoral College system requires that the winner have 270 Electoral College votes. Currently  Trump has 290 and Clinton 232 . But in popular votes, the individual voter's actual votes, Trump has 60,367,273 and Clinton has 61, 035, 189. (These numbers are changing as mailed votes, provisional votes, and possibly damaged votes are counted). Clinton is leading by about 700,000 votes.
Why don't those votes matter? The extra 2 million California votes for Clinton  don't increase the number of electoral college votes. They are essentially wasted votes. Without any California votes, Trump would have 57,161,600 votes and Clinton would have 55,045,348. In 49 states total, Trump won by more than 2 million votes.
How to get more bang for your vote. You need to leave California and head for a state that needs Democrat shoring up. There were several states that could have turned BLUE if there had been more Democrat votes. The high concentration of Democrats in one state actually dilutes the voting power. California had about 2 million too many Democrat votes in this election.
There is time to figure out what state you want to live in before the next election. Make your vote count more. Make the move.

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