Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Year of Hemming

My Dear Husband (DH) and I seldom shop. We are just not very interested in fashion or crowds or nicknacks. We go to the grocery store weekly and buy clothing as needed, but we just don't go out very often to shop. When we do find things we like, we tend to buy enough to last for a long time. Maybe it will be a year or two before we shop again for that item.
Needless to say, our clothing is worn repeatedly until it is almost falling apart. I had noticed the DH was looking a bit ragged at the hems of his pants and realized that I had never hemmed those pants. After looking at several of his pants, I discovered that most of his pants were in good shape, except the part that drags on the ground under his shoes. So I decided to Hem them. I cut off the old stuff and made new hems.
This activity was inspired by the purchase of several new sewing devices. One was a spiffy new sewing machine with computerized parts. And the second was a top of the line Serger machine. All of these were meant to take up space and make sewing more enjoyable. AND they did.
But while I was busy sewing new hems for the old pants, I realized that about 1/2 of the old pants were worn beyond repair. I was able to save about 4 pair of pants but 6 pair had to go. These I replaced with new pants. All of the new pants needed to be hemmed. The Skinny jeans were hemmed on the wonderful new, outrageously expensive Serger machine. It was fast and powerful and the job was done in a flash (2 days). The other pants required a slightly different approach. First cut off the excess, serger the edge, and perform the blind hem on the leg.
Now the wonderful computerized sewing machine had all the stuff I needed, but gray thread. So I finished the skinny jeans, and the cutting and finishing of the edges in black. But the need for Gray Thread slowed down the rest of the work. I managed to get that on a visit to the sewing store. Then I ran away for a four day vacation. I came home and needed to prepare for Christmas eve. And of course, I was not going to work on Christmas Day. That meant that this project was going to get done before New Year, but after Christmas.
Why does it take me so long to get these tasks done? Because there are so many competing activities and only so much time and energy. I have now managed to make one quilt on the new computerized sewing machine and hem 14 pairs of pants on the wildly expensive serger.  I have made one or two other things on the serger, but hemming seems to be the most important thing it can do.
And you might think that I am done, but no. I have two pair of pants for myself to serger hem. I have already serger hemmed 4 pair for myself this year. In all, I will have 16 pair of pants hemmed using the serger as at least part of the hem process.
In my little mind, this tool was way worth the outrageous price. It got me excited about taking classes and learning new techniques. I have spent hours (and dollars) getting materials and parts so that I can stay in my room and play all day every day.
Now I can grow my own cotton, spin it into yarn, weave it into cloth, sew it into clothing and adorn it with various stitch options. Aside from going to the grocery store, I may never need to shop again, except for thread. Now if I get solar power and go off the grid, I can be .... no, that is just too much out of the loop. I can still pay for electricity and gas. I am not ready to go live in a cave with a goat.

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