Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The New Year

All over the world, the new year starts at different times. January 1 is just an arbitrary moment on a calendar. Oct. 1 or Sept 4, or a certain phase of the moon are just as reasonable as any other moment. So I have made in my life a time when the New year starts- Autumnal Equinox. At this time I resolve to focus on my own needs more than those of others. I pay more attention to my exercise and health needs, diet and energy. I also try to get more of my own projects done and work on my creative endeavors.
In this last 12 month cycle, my father slipped into a nursing facility and later died in January. My mom decided to move to a place near her "friends" which made it more difficult for me to help her, so I stopped helping. I got lots of work done on the house but it is not finished. And I have learned a great deal about sewing equipment and weaving.
I have also had some disappointments and some great successes. My son and Siqi his girlfriend came to visit and they became engaged. My children came to vacation with me in Alaska. We had a wonderful time together. And other family members continue to act as they have in the past, so I really should not be surprised. Yet for some reason, continuing in stupid behavior is really something I can't understand. Even when I do it myself.
I have resolved for this year, to focus more on myself and to try to be less of a nitwit. I want to make smarted decisions and be less emotional. I want to say goodbye to really annoying people. And I want to embrace the more balanced and functional side.
Be strong, I say to myself. You can do this. Make change you want to see in the world in yourself first.
I have finished Eduard's blanket. Now I want to finish mine. Finding the time to get all my stuff done so that I can actually finish something seems to elude me. But I am going to do this and make a path to the garden, to the shed, to the wooly room, and through the garage.
I need to sell some furniture and spinning wheels, and maybe a loom or two. It is time for some more stuff to go out.
And more peace to come in.
Peace be with you, as well.

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