Friday, May 8, 2015

Black Out Day

When my children were younger, we used to have an occasional black out day. That meant we turned off the electricity breaker box and went without - lights, tv, internet, computer, garbage disposal, dish washing machine, clothes washing machine, etc. We kept the freezer and refrigerator doors closed so that the cold was preserved. We cooked on gas outdoors or indoors lighted with a match. Water heater had a pilot light, so we could still bathe, by candlelight. It was fun, like camping.
Now my children are all grown and gone. I haven't had a black out night since the drunk down the street hit the power box in 2006. I think I need to do this black out thing more often though.
I have a loom that needs no power, just light. I have a spinning wheel that needs no power, just feet. I can see myself being busy for months with very little power on. I still have candles from the last time I did this with my children. And matches, although they are very old. I can barbecue stuff and heat water in a pot.
But I think it might be a better thing to try a NO WATER DAY. All day, no water. No toilet water, no shower, no dishes, no washing hands. Wait a minuter there. No washing hands? EWEEW! I am freaking out on that one. Maybe I can find a bucket to put water in for washing hands.
The idea that when you turn on the faucet nothing comes out is so un-imaginable for most of us that we would not even know how to prepare for it. All that earthquake preparedness stuff is meaningless if you have never tried it. How about 3 days with no washing hands. My mind quakes at the thought.
So I think it is time to do the NO WATER DAY combined with the NO POWER DAY just to see if I can prepare in advance for calamity.
I know that it is not fair to know the day in advance and store up water and foods etc, but it will give me a taste of things to come. I have some trashcans in the back yard that don't leak. I can fill one for toilet water if necessary. I have some very large pots to fill with drinking water and enough to make one just for hand washing water. I feel better knowing that I can have clean hands even if I can't take a bath. And in the dark, I may smell dirty, but you won't know how dirty I look.

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