Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Putting the puzzle together

For the last 5 years, I have been planning and saving for a large exterior remodel of my home and yard. New patios and walkways. A wood shop in the back. Green house over a garden bed. Irrigation system. Lots of work, lots of money.
Getting money, time, and workers all at the same time seems to be a real issue here. Just about the time I had all the money together, a parent got sick and took up all the time. Then I got sick. Then we took the money and invested it because we weren't going to do the work any time soon. Then we would save again and get ready to start. Parent gets sick.... etc. Three parents have done this and finally the last two are in assisted living or nursing care. We have money in the bank. We have started the work.
It is not the way I thought it would happen, though. I envisioned the work starting in the back yard at the new wood working shed. Then moving to the patio south and west. Next walkways and patio north with garden walls and gates. And lastly, the east side fence and walkways. OYE! I was wrong.
It started on the East Side with drainage lines, new fence and guttering/downspouts to control water issue, plus some repairs to the existing facia boards and new side door to garage.
While I am cleaning up the mess of old fence and seriously trimmed shrubbery, filling green waste trash cans and the firewood bin, the construction on the woodworking shed has started. I now have no path to the wood bin and have at least one more week of green waste collection before I can get to it. Stuff is piled everywhere in the back. Dirt piles, wood piles, waste piles, broken concrete piles, tool piles, parts piles.
But the side is looking pretty good. New fence. New drainage. Soon we will need to break out the rest of the concrete sidewalk and call the cement truck in. I can hardly wait, even though it means more piles and more stuff to haul around.
I am not sure where this is going from here. I want a new patio in the front and on the west and in the back/south. I am suspecting that this patio in the south area is going to be last. It will involve a roofing contractor and lots of windows/doors/electrical and plumbing. There will be a side patio part with a built in barbeque/deep sink and maybe an outdoor shower.
I have no idea how long all of this will take. So far, we have been working for one week. I expect about a month for the work shed/sidewalks.
As I try to envision this project and its next step I realize I have no idea how these pieces will go together. There are other people working on it and they have their ideas as well. In the end, I will float along and see what happens. But so far, it is going well and looking good.

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