Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pre-Tday Preparations

Thanksgiving is still a couple of weeks out, but I am doing my "fall stuff". You know how it is, getting in the harvest, getting things canned, jarred, frozen, prepared, and ready for all the holiday frenzy.  I have been stocking up on flour, sugar, and essentials for my favorite holiday cookies and candies.
Today I cooked down two pumpkins and a Kabocha. After cooking I blended them and packed the product for freezing. I will use this all winter for pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup and pumpkin bread.
Then there were the cranberries. I do a baked cranberry jam that keeps the cranberries whole and pretty. I did two bags of cranberries and have one left to go. They are such a pretty color and go will with goat cheese or cheesecake.
I have also been busy harvesting the last of the cotton boles. I put them in the dehydrator and extract the cotton when they open. I have a couple more days of this before I finish the crop. The second year with these Pima plants made way more than the first year. I have four 1 gallon bags full and still more to gin (remove the seeds).
I have also been spinning, knitting, weaving and sewing and getting my holiday gifts done. I have already given out my Step mother's gift. It was a birthday//Christmas pair of adorned socks.  I am still trying to finish my daughter's socks, my husband's socks and some weaving projects.
I have one loom warped and working well, and another is poised to receive a new warp for a Jewish friend. It needs to be done by Thanksgiving- Oye! Gotta move, gotta fly.
So the next things on the list-
I did manage to vacuum the living room yesterday and will be doing some major cleaning in the rest of the house. When we close up the windows the dust kills my lungs, so I need to do the deep cleaning before the cold nights get to me.
We have a lovely wood pile ready for winter, and the yard has had its general clean up. I won't have to prune the trees for another month.
There! I am getting organized. Slowly, I am getting my house in order and getting ready to tear it apart. I have construction plans for patios, rooms, sheds and landscape. The spring is going to see some wild activity here.
So I am going to hibernate while I can.

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