Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Ground

This month, E and I are breaking new ground in our marriage. We are becoming "Land Lords". Even though we have more than one house at the moment, we have never owned anything that would become a rental property. We currently are trying to sell the house that E's family left in the estate and it is in Escrow at the moment. We are hoping that it actually closes soon.
But to complicate our  lives, we decided that we needed to buy a condo near San Diego State College so that our last fledgling could have a more stable housing situation. And only one roommate. That means we will be needing to rent out a room to another student until she finishes school. Then it would become a regular rental property for some long period of time.
I got notice today that the property recorded and we are the official owners. Whoohoo! Now I need to furnish it. Then I need to move  the little bird into the new nest. Then find her a roommate. Then... the fun never ends.
But it has a pool and jacuzzi and I plan on visiting often.

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