Monday, December 21, 2009

Feelin' good, feelin' fine

It is Yule time and I am feeling very happy and bouncy. My work is nearly done (for other people, that is). I have myself and my sweetie to do things for. That is almost to selfish to imagine. I have been vey busy with other people all year, so now I have only a few little things left to do and I am free to play. It feels good.
I have knitted and woven and spun great mountains of things and have given and sold them. But I am still enjoying spinning and knitting and weaving. I am about to start baking cookies and doing some holiday cooking. I am looking forward to the last and darkest night and the slow but regular return of the sun. My garden is growing spring veges and my trees are dormant. Life is relaxing and calm.
I really needed this, too. This has been a really busy year, and next year will be busy too, so I am resting while I can.
Everyone, you will just have to take care of yourselves while I sleep and refresh myself. I am napping for the next two months. Then, if I see my shadow, we can talk about spring. (snore).

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