Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fluff, Wooly Fluff

Lately I have been in the garden repairing sprinkler and drip parts, re-routing watering hoses, and getting ready for some major home remodeling of the house and yard. We are getting new windows in the living room. We also got a new fireplace insert. We will be having custom built bookcases and new carpet. This will take up the rest of the year. After I am done painting the whole living room again, we will consider a new front door. Another room down and done. There will be a side patio leading to the hammock arbor. (Smiling face with a bit of smirk).
That said, it means that Fluffy will spend lots of time outside relaxing and indoors working. But I hope to keep up with my garden, too.
My lovely daughter just bought a "fixer" house. We will work hard at her house for about three weeks solid, then collapse in exhaustion. She will move into a clean and pretty home, mostly functional. And I will be working on her garden too. She has trees. Trees in need of love and attention. But I will make her post her garden news on her own site.
I haven't yet corralled the chickens, but they are getting a fenced yard soon. I want my patio back without the poop.
Then there is the fluff. I have acquired 5 lovely Shetland fleeces. That means I am washing wool and hanging it to dry on the patio. Little bits of fluff get left for the birds to build nests. There are little fluff puffs all over the yard where the birds pull it apart and drop some. My little birds have Thrummed nests (a knitting term).
Food- oh yeah, I am supposed to grow some. Well, I have found that E and I don't eat as much as we used to eat. There are fewer people, smaller portions, and my garden is actually working for the two of us. Peas and beans, carrots and celery, fennel and potatoes. It is very warm here right now, but we will cool off again soon. All my seeds are sprouting like crazy and the advanced plants are growing well without the chicken attacks. Looks like Kohlrabi in about two weeks and lettuce this weekend.
Fluffy is happy.

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